Handwriting and Relationships

What If? What if you knew about someone you love or want to be with before you make decisions? Join us on April 1st 7 PM EST. April Fools ends at noon so don’t worry. This is real. Your best friend, your love, your possible love, your children. Relationships. You can define them. With their handwriting. Join us. And if you want some interaction? Send me your handwriting and your other person ahead of time. Email laurieann@iamthatgal.com. We only have one hour so I will only pick one or maybe two, but will be there for anyone who wants to learn more. This can be a parent with a child, a spouse with a spouse, or a friend with a friend. And I’m looking forward to this. Because this is really important. What IF??? you know enough to make things right. I am not promising but providing a possibility. And to this. I have to thank someone who taught me about Inukshuk. Meaning “a structure of rough stones stacked in the form of a human figure, traditionally used by Inuit people as a landmark or a commemorative sign.” Similar to handwriting. Stacking traits in our handwriting.

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