Grapho-Therapy. It Can Change Your Life. Period.

As per the previous announcement of discussing Grapho-Therapy, we had a great ZOOM meeting and we are sharing it here with you.

Now, I, LaurieAnn, want to apologize in advance for all my ummm and ahhhs in the video. I was so excited that at times I couldn’t find my words. This is a quick advisory note on when you are public speaking in person or on ZOOM – DO NOT do what I did. 

Now that that is out of the way, I sure hope you do get something out of this video. Please understand that the specials announced in this video are only for the members of ABC Advanced Branding Collaborative. You are welcome to join the group if you want to get the specials. But you must be a member. Otherwise, the prices are higher. And there is a deadline for the SUPER Specials. April 22nd they end.

Thanks for watching this! And I actually do recommend you join this group because the next series is called Transform Yourself To Be Your Best YOU with Wendy Musch and Jenny Kalz . A great “follow on from” this past series. If you are interested our group is on Facebook at ABC – Advanced Branding Collaborative.

Here is our replay of April 15th, 2020 – Grapho-Therapy – It Can Change Your Life!

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