Advanced Branding Collaborative on Positive Communication with Spotlight guest Clara Wasserstein

Jenny Kalz and Wendy Musch share with us insights on how to communicate positively. What to do and what not to do.

Clara Wasserstein, Parenting Coach, shared her story as a 5 minute spotlight guest at the end of the meeting.

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ABC About Transition and Spotlight with Mel Mason – The Clutter Expert

Open forum about transition in 2020 and also some discussion of transition in the different sectors over the years, such as nursing, the automotive industry and construction.

Mel Mason gave a 5 minute Spotlight presentation about clutter and the emotional connection it has with the inner self in relation to the outer surroundings. This subject continued throughout the discussion that followed as well.

Enjoyable and informative evening.

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All About Money with Aaron Konow and Glenda Barrington

Aaron Konow shares with the Advanced Branding Collaborative group his experience with TikTok as our Spotlight Guest. We moved into the topic of money with Glenda Barrington chimming in. Aaron is the Cashflow is King person and explains why, and Glenda, the Money Coach gives us insight regarding money and debt.

Thank you to our guests and those who participated in the evening.

The Advanced Collaborative Team

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Advanced Branding Collaborative with Lu Nuwame – The Business of Comics and Collectibles

The Advanced Branding Collaborative had a bit of a turn of events on the 9th of September. The originally scheduled topic was delayed, but we had a great time asking questions to the Spotlight Guest Lu Nuwame who is the Founder of Zelpha Comics and Collectibles. We are sure you will find this very interesting and insightful. Find out some history about comic book characters, and marketing and press appearance acquisition strategies.