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Bart Baggett LIVE on ZOOM

I hope you enjoy this replay of our special guest Bart Baggett. This was truly a wonderful evening with so much information from one of the NOT only FAMOUS Handwriting Experts and Forensic Documentation Experts, and so much more, but what we really learned about Bart was his incredible ability to engage, and deliver about marketing and focusing on your plan in business. You can have an idea, but Bart made it clear. “How are you going to make money?”

Bart’s honesty and directness are very enlightening. It is why, I, LaurieAnn, have followed him since 2008 and grateful I found this Marketing Master Mind. He truly is a Master of Marketing. He admits he is not Tony Robbins, but I will take him over Tony Robbins any day because his community is actually a family. One I have been a part of for 12 years and have made amazing, not only business colleagues but really good friends.

Again, thank you, Bart, for your time, the day before your Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!

A Special Evening With Bart Baggett – World’s Most Famous Handwriting Expert

Join the Advanced Branding Collaborative on Wednesday, April 29th as we present our VERY SPECIAL guest BART BAGGETT, the most famous handwriting expert ever, Founder of Handwriting University, Forensic Documentation Expert, author, actor and a mentor and friend.

To sign up, please join our group on Facebook – ABC – Advanced Branding Collaborative.

Make sure you also stay tuned as well for next week with Jenny Kalz and Wendy Musch as they share with us the “priceless” value of implementing Journaling and Meditation into your life. Join us again on Wednesday, May 6th at 7 PM EST as we continue the series “Transform Yourself to be Your Best You”

Grapho-Therapy. It Can Change Your Life. Period.

As per the previous announcement of discussing Grapho-Therapy, we had a great ZOOM meeting and we are sharing it here with you.

Now, I, LaurieAnn, want to apologize in advance for all my ummm and ahhhs in the video. I was so excited that at times I couldn’t find my words. This is a quick advisory note on when you are public speaking in person or on ZOOM – DO NOT do what I did. 

Now that that is out of the way, I sure hope you do get something out of this video. Please understand that the specials announced in this video are only for the members of ABC Advanced Branding Collaborative. You are welcome to join the group if you want to get the specials. But you must be a member. Otherwise, the prices are higher. And there is a deadline for the SUPER Specials. April 22nd they end.

Thanks for watching this! And I actually do recommend you join this group because the next series is called Transform Yourself To Be Your Best YOU with Wendy Musch and Jenny Kalz . A great “follow on from” this past series. If you are interested our group is on Facebook at ABC – Advanced Branding Collaborative.

Here is our replay of April 15th, 2020 – Grapho-Therapy – It Can Change Your Life!

Handwriting and Hiring

Completely understand that during this time of COVID19 that some may think this is not applicable. But it is. There are still many remote jobs one can find and need to apply for and with a handwriting sample report from a professional attached to your resume, you will STAND OUT. Also, there are still HR people out there that need to bring it the top people that will fit the culture. Do you really know who you are hiring? Find out. Join us Wednesday, April 8th at 7 PM EST to find out more about this skill in hiring the right person and being hired.

Handwriting and Relationships

What If? What if you knew about someone you love or want to be with before you make decisions? Join us on April 1st 7 PM EST. April Fools ends at noon so don’t worry. This is real. Your best friend, your love, your possible love, your children. Relationships. You can define them. With their handwriting. Join us. And if you want some interaction? Send me your handwriting and your other person ahead of time. Email We only have one hour so I will only pick one or maybe two, but will be there for anyone who wants to learn more. This can be a parent with a child, a spouse with a spouse, or a friend with a friend. And I’m looking forward to this. Because this is really important. What IF??? you know enough to make things right. I am not promising but providing a possibility. And to this. I have to thank someone who taught me about Inukshuk. Meaning “a structure of rough stones stacked in the form of a human figure, traditionally used by Inuit people as a landmark or a commemorative sign.” Similar to handwriting. Stacking traits in our handwriting.

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